Senior Vice President for Patient Care and Chief Nurse Officer (CNO)

Salem, MA | Professional/Managerial



The Senior Vice President for Patient Care and Chief Nurse Officer (CNO) directs the activities of all sections of the institution responsible for direct patient care. This work is done with Associate Chief Nurses, Directors and administrators. Areas of responsibility include providing leadership for:
Nursing, Pharmacy, Respiratory Therapy, Medical Interpreters, Social Services, Chaplaincy, and Learning Resource Center.

The Senior Vice President for Patient Care and Chief Nurse is accountable for assuring that competent, compassionate patient care is uniformly provided to patients in ambulatory, inpatient and community settings; directing, developing and advocating for the organization and operations of departments for which responsible; leading the management team toward attainment of identified short- and long-term goals and objectives; executing strategies and plans designed to achieve said objectives; and collaborating with other Hospital executives to meet Institutional goals and objectives.

As the Chief overseeing clinical practice throughout Patient Care Services, three key areas of focus include: quality of care and treatment of all patients; conduct and discipline of all staff members; and, the administration of all programs of education and clinical care.


Patient Care Quality and Safety - creates a bold agenda for ensuring that patient care is patient-centered, timely, efficient, equitable, effective, and safe. These six aims are operationalized as follows:

Safety - no needless death, injury, pain or suffering for patients or staff.
  • For our patients: harm no patient in our care.
  • For our staff: ensure the safest possible work environment.
  • For our hospital: seek out and maximize any opportunity to learn and improve; support and encourage every effort aimed at ensuring safety.
Effectiveness - care and service will be based on best evidence, informed by patient values and preferences
  • For our patients: care and service at NSMC will always reflect the best evidence, always informed by patient values and preferences.
  • For our staff: equip staff with the education and resources needed to perform at their best and to learn continuously.
  • For our hospital: develop systems and a culture that makes it easy to do the right thing.
Patient Centeredness - all care and service will honor the individual patients - their values, choices, culture, social context and specific needs.
  • For our patients: partner with patients to incorporate and respect their needs and preferences in all we do.
  • For our staff: create an environment that fully supports all staff working in the patient's best interest.
  • For our hospital: actively seek patient and staff participation throughout the design and implementation of programs that will affect them.
Efficiency - removes all unnecessary processes or steps in a process; streamline all activities.
  • For our patients: focus on getting it right the first time, valuing patients' time, money and other resources.
  • For our staff: support our staff with systems that maximize their ability to do their best work.
  • For our hospital: remain open to all ideas to decrease waste and improve efficiency, while assuring the quality of patient care and staff life is not compromised. Incorporate the Virginia Mason Management System in all improvement work.
  • Equity - all care and service will be fair and equitable - the system will treat all patients equally.
  • For our patients: provide every patient with the same high level of quality and safety.
  • For our staff: Ensure an environment in which all staff are treated with dignity and respect and provided opportunity to realize their goals.
  • For our hospital: develop programs, policies and practices that do not discriminate against patients, employees or clinicians.

Leadership and Strategy
  • Directs the development and implementation of patient care delivery models and clinical standards.
  • Collaborates with the North Shore Medical Center President and other Senior Leadership for the growth and development of the Hospital's integrated health care system.
  • Formulates and communicates the vision and leads both short and long-term strategies to lead all disciplines and programs within Patient Care.
  • Initiates and facilitates broad-based performance improvement activities. In a rapidly changing health care environment, concentrates focus on the delivery of uncompromising health-care, efficiently utilizing human resources and effecting cost-savings.
  • Participates as member of the hospital administrative management group representing the discipline of nursing and other health professional groups, on various organizational decision-making bodies: including the Board of Trustees, Senior Leadership Team, Board Quality Committee (QPAC), Committee, Chiefs Council, Medical Staff Committee, Quality Oversight Committee. Participation on numerous standing committees and ad hoc committees is embraced to provide input into the development of the hospital-wide strategic planning process, goals, plans, objectives, operating policies and financial management of the institution. As an invited guest at the Hospital Board of Trustees meetings, presents the Patient Care Service's perspective on key initiatives and issues.
  • Develops and maintains effective working relationships with Senior Executives.
  • Develops and maintains a leadership position in patient care-related associations and organizations outside of the hospital in order to represent the interests of NSMC and improve the provision of health-care services.
  • Participates with other hospital administrators, senior executives, and clinicians in the development and achievement of the hospital's community benefit goals.
  • Develops and implements plans and programs designed to improve the community's awareness and use of hospital services and improve the health of the population within areas served by the hospital.
  • Serves as a hospital spokesperson, as needed, representing the hospital, in general, and the Department of Nursing and Patient Care Services, in particular.
  • Engages in a variety of professional development and educational activities designed to help promote and manage the department and the institution and maintain state-of-the-art knowledge of developments in healthcare delivery, management theory, legislation and nursing.
  • Establishes the institutional standards for nursing practice and the practice of other health care professions across Patient Care Services.
  • Assures system for preventing and reporting abuse, incompetent care, unethical or illegal practices. Creates and supports mechanisms for addressing ethical issues.
  • Addresses needs of diverse and unique populations through culturally competent interventions. Promotes a climate sensitive to, and supportive of, diversity.
  • Assures input regarding areas of responsibility into the development and implementation of information systems.
  • Proactive leader in supporting NSMC Culture of Excellence and the Virginia Mason Kaizen initiatives.


Directs the activities of the following disciplines:
  • Nursing - Focus on evaluation and improvement of a patient's health status and health potential by applying a body of knowledge for the purpose of identifying, intervening, and evaluating response to actual or potential health problems. Through caring, diagnostic, and therapeutic actions, nurses assist patients and families to regain or maintain optimum health as well as provide comfort, strength, and understanding in terminal illness and death. Actions may be directly dependent on physician's orders and/or independently based on the patient/nurse interaction. Develops organizational patient care programs, policies and procedures to assess, evaluate, and meet the nursing care of patients.
  • Clinical Support Services - Responsible for the unit-based support staff including Operations Associates and Unit Service Associates. In addition, focus is on convening interdisciplinary teams of leadership, clinicians and support staff (as appropriate) to identify and address issues that impact care delivery and the environment of care.
  • Pharmacy - Ensure Operations meet the Clinical needs of Patient Care. Advocate for Pharmacy programs.
  • Ensures assigned functions, including record keeping and reporting, are in compliance with applicable local, state and federal regulations, and accepted rules of accrediting agencies; initiates corrective action as necessary.
  • Directs continuous evaluation and improvement of quality of patient care provided by Patient Care Services. Meets regularly with physicians, patient care personnel and representatives of ancillary departments to discuss and resolve patient care problems.
  • Develops nursing policies and procedures which assure that patient care is in compliance with all accepted standards of nursing practice.
  • Oversees preparation of operational and capital budgets for all Patient Care Services departments. Assures that the budgets are monitored throughout the course of the fiscal year, and that operating costs remain within the established fiscal parameters.
  • Directs and/or conducts determination-of-need and cost-benefit studies.
  • Sets priorities and advocates with administrative peers for allocation of resources.
  • Responsible for coordinating with Vice President of Finance to assure that key operational components are appropriately reflected in financial statements.
  • Directs, coordinates and oversees preparation of department records, reports and analyses. Reviews and interprets records and reports to ascertain extent to which goals are being attained.
  • Integrates clinical, human resources and financial data in decision-making.

Human Resources
  • Develops directors and administrators and ensures that the management team functions in a manner consistent with the hospital's values and culture.
  • Works with employees to advance the vision, mission and values of the hospital. Fosters employee morale, via opened lines of communication, fair and equitable treatment and annual evaluations of all individuals associated with his/her span of control.
  • Implements policies and programs designed to attract and retain employees that continually perform at high levels.
  • Defines qualifications, responsibilities and functions of positions; assists subordinate department heads and administrators in establishing staffing requirements.
  • Selects, trains, directs, evaluates the performance of, and, when necessary, disciplines and discharges "direct report" personnel. Participates in peer review of staff and leadership throughout Patient Care Services, including participation in the evaluation of nurse managers. Assists subordinates with difficult "employee relations" problems, as necessary.
  • Responsible for ensuring that staff are aware of institutional strategic goals and objectives and how these directly affect the goals and objectives for their respective areas.
  • Assures that clinicians perform within the scope of their respective practice act (e.g. the Nurse Practice Act for nurses), and, that interventions are provided by the most appropriate personnel and that proper delegation is assured.
  • Assures confidentiality and security for patient and employee information.
  • Labor Relations - Active Leader on Labor Issues with the MNA and 1199SEIU. Works collaboratively with NSMC Human Resources and PHS Labor Relations. Participates in Contract Negotiations and Labor Management Committees. May participate in Grievance and Arbitration hearings.
  • Ensures that employees are competent to perform their jobs and provides ongoing training and continuing education programs.
  • Develops and implements strategies to promote development of staff through preceptorships, mentorships and coaching. This occurs within an environment grounded in a climate of mutual respect.


  • An advanced level of knowledge in a specialized field normally acquired through completion of formal and continuing education in Nursing and management and ten to thirteen years of related work experience.
  • Masters Degree required.
  • Registered Nursing licensure in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts required.

  • Superior analytical ability required to resolve extremely complex problems by the application of scientific, mathematical, clinical and management principles, theories and concepts and in-dept experienced-based knowledge. Ability to develop short- and long-range plans to solve complex, multidimensional problems.
  • Outstanding leadership skills necessary to advance and coordinate the achievement of organizational objectives through the management and motivation of others.
  • High level interpersonal and communication skills required representing the hospital optimally in legal proceedings, in negotiations with on issues and programs that impact a department. Ability to manage large diverse groups of employees.
  • Demonstrated organizational, managerial, and entrepreneurial skills necessary to advance the types of services provided by all reporting departments. Must be able to formulate and communicate the vision and values of the work from a global perspective, in order to lead others toward the attainment of established goals.

It is the policy of North Shore Medical Center and North Shore Physicians Group to affirmatively implement equal opportunity to all qualified candidates and existing employees without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, sex, age, ancestry, disability, Veterans of the Vietnam Era status; or any other basis that would be in violation of any applicable ordinance or law. All aspects of employment including recruitment, selection, hiring, training, transfer, promotion, termination, compensation and benefits.

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The North Shore area offers:

  • Communities with varied and rich histories and convenient access to museums, art, restaurants and shops.
  • Natural beauty, handsome architecture and vivid history — only 15 miles north of Boston.
  • 30 miles of gorgeous rocky coastline with breathtaking beaches and harbors.
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  • Our practices are certified Level 3 NCQA Patient-Centered Medical Homes.
  • For the fifth year in a row, North Shore Medical Center has been ranked a top regional hospital in Boston and Massachusetts by U.S. News & World Report.
  • Our affiliate, Massachusetts General Hospital, is one of U.S. News & World Report’s top three Honor Roll hospitals in America.
  • NSPG and NSMC use the Epic EMR that integrates patient care through the Partners HealthCare System, including Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

Career advancement

  • Grow, learn and develop new practice innovations.
  • Continue your medical education.
  • Make academic connections and explore teaching opportunities.
  • Explore leadership opportunities.
  • Develop clinical and administrative career ladders.

A supportive practice environment

  • Collaborative professionals.
  • Patient-centered care model.
  • Leadership that listens and values your contributions and ideas.
  • Autonomy and respect for your skills and expertise.
  • Excellent salary and benefits.


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